Friday, December 3, 2010

Final Project: Woman With A Camera

Man With a Movie Camera: The Global Remake is a participatory
video shot by people around the world who are invited to record images interpreting the original script of Vertov’s 1929
Man With A Movie Camera and upload them to the site. Software developed specifically for this project archives, sequences and streams the submissions as a film. Anyone can upload footage. When the work streams your contribution becomes part of a worldwide montage, in Vertov’s terms the “decoding of life as it is”.

I chose the films of orchestra musicians, as I was going to be rehearsing with the Reno Philharmonic. It was both frustrating and satisfying. The frustration came with the fact that I had to be very discreet, and very fast, grabbing shots on breaks or backstage, because we all had lots of music to get through in very little time. I didn't have the luxury of using a tripod, or adjusting the lighting, or even using a video camera (I used my little Nikon).

The satisfying part was focusing on the beautiful instruments, and also focusing on the fact that, unlike 1929, there were women behind lots of the instruments as well as behind the camera...

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